About Lumen

Kathryn RobinsonKathryn Robinson is the principal consultant and owner of Lumen Strategies, a consultancy that focuses on illuminating the opportunities for innovation as a means to accelerating growth and value for her clients’ businesses.  Kathryn works with senior business and/or functional leaders, providing consulting and advisory services for identification, development and implementation of  innovative strategies.

Business innovation can take many forms and Kathryn’s broad cross functional experience allow her to work with clients in a variety of capacities based on their unique situations and needs.  Innovation can take the form of overhauling the fundamental business model, delivering value through unique offers and packaging, strategic partnering for going-to-market, or using a wide variety of well suited and well placed communications and marketing elements.

Foundational to Kathryn’s effectiveness is her keen ability to quickly grasp the big picture, identify gaps and opportunities, and help you develop a strategic plan coupled with a pragmatic and prioritized execution plan.  She brings her passion for developing a discipline that always “starts with the customer,” and her experience delivering results by getting to the essence of the “whole offer” you can provide for your customers.  Kathryn brings a rich functional knowledge of strategic business challenges and opportunities stemming from experiences in business development, sales, marketing, professional services delivery, and strategic alliances leadership positions.

Typical clients of Lumen Strategies, launched in November of 2011, include those who are entering new markets, big and small companies seeking to transform their brands in the eyes of specific target markets, or startups approaching critical growth opportunities.  Lumen Strategies clients have ranged from divisions of very large to mid-size technology companies engaged in mobility and/or analytics capabilities, healthcare IT companies in early growth/transition stages, and companies introducing pioneering applications of analytics and genomics to clinical healthcare.  Prior to starting Lumen Strategies, Kathryn held a number of significant leadership roles at Cisco Systems, Turner Broadcasting and Sprint.

Kathryn resides outside of Chapel Hill, NC.  She is the proud mother of two wonderful young women and a wife to her soul mate. She enjoys photography, hiking, reading, and a diverse range of music and art.  As a passionate supporter of empowerment of women, she is an active and enthusiastic mentor for numerous individuals.