Developing GTM Strategies In Market Transitions

The Customer

Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate.  Although an employee rather than a consultant at the time, Kathryn was often put in situations similar to those she now leads in her consulting career in which she was asked to assess the current state, develop a strategic plan, and execute and lead changes necessary to meet business growth goals in new market adjacencies or new opportunities.

The Situation

When Cisco entered the Unified Computing market, it was unique for Cisco because rather than being a new player among many in a highly fragmented market as many of Cisco’s early competitive opportunities in routing and switching had been, they were in a different position.  In computing, Cisco was entering a market that was well established with just a few players.  It was important that Cisco develop a compelling and  unique go-to-market that would bring substantial value to the potential customers during a time when data center technology was just beginning to face new challenges and evolve with new models for services delivery.


Kathryn led a cross-functional team effort to define the strategies and execution priorities for the unique solutions go-to-market inclusive of a customer centric “whole offer.” Coordination and leadership was required across development, marketing, sales, strategic partnerships and channels to package and take the offer to market.   Kathryn’s focus on integrating the marketing and go-to-market models in new and innovative ways with key partners in the storage and application area not previously used at Cisco yielded successful results.  This approach gleaned access to potential buyers and decision makers who would have otherwise not been as aware of Cisco’s innovations and leading capabilities in the compute space.


Along with the traditional focus on product excellence and delivery, this unique go-to-market and whole offer marketing approach contributed to accelerating success for the business and it’s achievement of being the fastest new adjacent market business unit to reach $1B run rate in Cisco’s history.

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