It’s About the People!

It is truly about people, isn’t it?   Technology is and can be a very powerful enabler for businesses, however, technology alone has never been enough to drive successful businesses.

My experience and learning has shown me that diversity is key to developing and evolving a leadership team tasked with getting a technology innovation to market successfully.  When I use the term “diversity” I mean –  diverse experience, perspective, expertise, style, education, tenure, and even diverse outside interests.  I have done some excellent reading recently on this topic including an article titled “Do you have the right leaders for your growth strategies?”  .  This article talks to the need to evolve the team based on the nature and number of growth initiatives in play.  Also, I read a provocative book called Stall Points: Most Companies Stop Growing, Yours Doesn’t Have To which was recommended to me by Gary Bridge,  In this book there is an extensive study that was done on leadership teams that become too  homogeneous over time developing a type of “blind spot” in their decision-making and strategies for continued growth.

I am reminded daily of the power of the insights I’ve gleaned from the many bright and very “diverse” people in my own life.  Wisdom previously gleaned from these friends, family members, mentors, co-workers, and leaders with whom I’ve had the privilege of engaging comes racing to the front of my consciousness as I finalize my own business plan and think about what will be most important to my clients’ success!  So, I’ll take a moment here to say THANK YOU to just a few of my own diverse and unique support team members! Thank you Dee, Salem, Wendell, Elizabeth, Warren, B, Michelle, Amy N, Jeff, Amy L, Meredith, Jill, Amanda, and Stephanie!

How have you benefited from diversity in your professional community today?

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