Starting Anew – Change

It is with great enthusiasm that I begin my journey this month as an independent consultant, launching Lumen Strategies, LLC.  I am enthusiastic about applying my talents and experiences in new ways as I begin the next phase of my own career.   There will be more to come soon on this site about the available services and offers of Lumen Strategies.  Additionally, in the coming months I hope to develop this blog site as a vehicle to engage in a dialogue around the dynamics for leveraging technology and change in support of new business models and possibilities.   I hope this becomes a place where this community can share stories and perspectives, learn from each other, and glean insight together as time passes and the venue evolves.

As I’ve prepared for scoping and launching this new business, I’ve had some time to reflect on my own career and the industries in which I’ve worked that have been profoundly changed by technology innovations. I’ve been appreciative of the experiences and opportunities I was afforded at my 16 years at Cisco Systems  – where change was always a constant as Cisco grew from generating $4.1B in net sales the year I started to generating $43.2B in the recently closed Fiscal Year 2011.   I look back at the impact of the internet and digital video technologies on another prior employer , Turner Broadcasting.  And, finally  I reflect on my jumping off point into professional life –  the telecom industry  – where regulatory changes unleashed both technological innovation and business model changes that have continued to evolve and morph that industry to this day.

My own experiences have proven that technology while often the enabler is not enough alone to make a successful business.  However, when technology innovation is combined with the right talented people, leadership courage, and a willingness to go beyond the status quo – very successful growth oriented businesses are born and can prosper.  I have no reason to believe otherwise for the future.  In fact, as I ponder the future (near and not so near) I am certain that nearly all industries will see some changes as the technological introductions of cloud computing promise to disrupt and enable business models for some time to come.

What have been your observations when technology enablement combined with leadership and business model disruption created opportunity?

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