Perspective & Blind Exuberant Enthusiasm

You are a member of a company that produces technology. You are a senior leader or you aspire to be one or you influence and support product and solution decision making. You believe in what you do. So how can it be that a recent study by Price Waterhouse Coopers suggests that CEO’s don’t care about mobile, IoT, or wearables? I read about this in an article found here and could not help but think to myself that this “insight” sadly should not be a surprise to any of us.

Technology companies and their founders and leaders and marketing and sales teams usually share a common trait – exuberant enthusiasm for their technology products and solutions. Now, I am a big fan of exuberant enthusiasm! It fuels innovation, it helps us press through hard times and find a better way when the first route we chose is not working. Exuberant enthusiasm is good. Unless, it becomes blinding. The enthusiasm is blinding when those leaders in pursuit of making something great begin to fall in love with the wrong things.

These blinded exuberant leaders fall in love with:
• How speedy their processing, recovery, boot time, fault finding, alert raising, happens to be;
• How clever or hip their version of widgetry might be;
• How their “big numbers” are impressive in terms of the number of interfaces, ports, widget thingies, gigabytes, pixels, or whatever unit of technical measure they believe is the evidence of their greatness.

These people are generally not evil and most certainly not stupid. Most often the fundamental fault at hand is that they are not starting with the customer perspective. Grounding oneself or ones team on the customer perspective is a powerful way for businesses to:
• Improve their products and solutions;
• Increase their sales success;
• Identify innovation opportunities in how the solution is packaged or delivered to the client that make it better;
• And much much more…

I write a lot about perspective and firmly believe that when we challenge our perspectives, we all can be better business leaders, or for that matter, better people in a diverse world.

If you have a great technology product that you define as a mobile or IoT solution, why not challenge your exuberant enthusiasm for its greatness and really take the time to understand and gain some level of empathy with the executives or physicians or business owners or consumers you are assuming will be impressed! You do not need that survey for “insight,” that can help your business – just get on the other side of the proverbial desk or aisle or negotiating process and see what really makes your customers equally as enthusiastic! Want some help through this exploration? Contact us! We can help you get to know your customer better and transfer some of your enthusiasm to potential clients once they know how you help them with what they care about!

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