Lumen Strategies

Clarity to accelerate opportunity

Comprehensive Strategies | Experienced and Pragmatic Execution

Whether we are helping you identify strategies to grow your business or grow yourself.  Kathryn and her team deliver a highly customized engagement suited to your specific business and growth objectives.

A typical strategy engagement is designed to give you a customized, pragmatic, and actionable set of blueprints for mitigating issues or accelerating opportunities for your business.  Optionally, following the workshops, some clients choose to engage in retainer relationships to get help turning plans into results.


Offers for Individuals | Coaching and Advisory Courses

Kathryn offers coaching and mentoring packages for individuals in various stages of their careers.  She often works with high potential talent in technology roles as they take on broader management and leadership responsibilities.

Kathryn’s coaching and online learning in support of navigating career transitions are grounded in her own extensive experiences navigating a career that crossed the boundaries of different functional leadership roles and took place across a range of company types.

About Lumen Strategies

Kathryn Robinson is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Lumen Strategies.  Kathryn is able to take a unique approach with each client based on the needs of the business based on her broad functional, business, and leadership experience.

Highlights …

Experienced Leader | Rapid Value Add

Broad Expertise | Big Picture Innovation

Engagement Options | Execution, Coach, and/or Mentor

Focus for Success | Passionate about Customer Centric Strategies

Service Offers

Potential Engagement Types & Focus Areas

(Can be grouped or packaged based upon needs and priorities we identify together)

Messaging & Targeting

Comprehensive approach that starts with clarifying profiles of your ideal customers, then developing a messaging blueprint.  Go-to-market blueprint incorporates identification of critical channels required to reach your ideal prospects and successfully convert them to customers and advocates. 

Content Strategy & Development

Built upon the messaging framework, we build a content strategy and editorial calendar to leverage the channels (social, web, events, and more) that are key to reaching your next customer.  We can also develop key content assets (e-books, papers, flyers, speaking abstracts & more).

Innovating Business Model & Go-to-market Strategy

Broad ranging engagement that helps you focus on your business model, how you package your offers and potential strategic go-to-market partnerships.  Strategies start with customer-centric perspective and your growth and profitability goals.

Competitive Analysis

We take an outside-in research driven approach to assessing how you stand up to your competitors to the marketplace and help you identify strategies to mitigate weaknesses in messaging, offers, or go-to-market.

Data Driven Sales & Marketing

Get to the next level of success! We help with strategies, tools, data sources and execution to bring this to life for your business’ success.

Leveraging Data for Greater Profitability

You do not have to be a quant or analytic to enhance your business with metrics and a data driven approach.  We can help you with a strategy and the tools and means to apply metrics no matter what your business.

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