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About Lumen Strategies

Kathryn Robinson has spent the last decade working with a range of clients helping them to identify opportunities and gaps in their strategies to achieve growth.  As CEO and Principal Consultant of Lumen Strategies, Kathryn brought her broad functional, business, and leadership experience to each unique situation.

For the last 2 year, I elected to join one of my consulting clients to support them on their journey.  Through those two years, I wore many hats and helped build the organization to achieve a new chapter through investment by a PE firm.  I have elected to move on to the next chapter of my career at this time.  But before I pursue new Exec Advisory, Exec Coaching, Strategy Consulting or Board positions, I have decided to put my full attention into a passion project I’ve been contemplating and working on the side.

Every night, children across this country – one of the wealthiest countries on the planet – go to bed hungry or malnourished.  I am working on a concept and non-profit business plan to hopefully make a small dent in this atrocity.  Stay tuned for updates later this calendar year as I put my full attention on this work.  If you are a member of my amazing network and have a specific interest in this topic yourself, please reach out – as with all things important – it takes a village.

I will continue to write about leadership, growth, and doing what it takes to build the foundations to scale a company to the next level on occasion.  Stay tuned for more.

~ Kathryn