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Kathryn Robinson is the principal consultant and owner of Lumen Strategies.  Kathryn brings her passion for helping clients develop their businesses by identifying and applying a discipline that always starts with the customer.  This customer-centric focus, coupled with her broad cross-functional experience, is what delivers both insights and results for businesses of all sizes.  And through the years helping founders and owners and leaders grow their businesses, she has developed insights for helping others as they navigate their careers.  As a coach, advisor, and mentor, she brings these insights to helping others navigate their careers and grow themselves through self-awareness and clarity on executing the things that matter most.

Lumen Strategies is a consultancy that works with businesses of all sizes and types to identify, strategize, and execute upon the best path to accelerate growth.  Kathryn typically works with senior business leaders or business founders & owners across a range of industries to find opportunities for innovating their go-to-market approach through business model innovation, better and more strategic and targeted marketing and messaging, or identifying the right partnerships to grow businesses collaboratively and effectively.  

Foundational to Kathryn’s effectiveness is her keen ability to quickly grasp the big picture surrounding your business or career situation.  She hones in to identify gaps and opportunities, and help you develop a strategic plan coupled with a pragmatic and prioritized execution plan.  Bringing a broad range of experience as context, her work with you does not bring a singular perspective but brings an entrepreneurial and comprehensive approach.  Sensitive to the tradeoffs of resources, time, and key talent from her own leadership and business ownership perspective, she is able to help you bring strategy to life through a prioritized execution blueprint.  

Kathryn resides outside of Chapel Hill, NC.  She is the proud mother of two wonderful young women, and enthusiastic “dog mom” to her beloved golden retriever, and a wife to her soul mate. She enjoys running, photography, hiking, gardening, reading, and seeks inspiration from a diverse range of music and art.  As a passionate supporter of empowerment of women, she is an active and enthusiastic mentor for numerous individuals and a founding member of ATHENA in Technology (an organization focused on building the pipeline of girls from Middle School and High School to successful technology careers).

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