Experience, Passion, & Enthusiasm

About Me

Kathryn Robinson is the principal consultant and owner of Lumen Strategies.  Kathryn brings her passion for developing a business building discipline that always starts with the customer coupled with her broad experience delivering results for businesses of all sizes.

Lumen Strategies is a consultancy that focuses on helping businesses of all sizes and types accelerate growth.  Kathryn works with senior business leaders or business founders & owners, providing consulting and advisory services for identification, development and implementation of  innovative go-to-market strategies.

Foundational to Kathryn’s effectiveness is her keen ability to quickly grasp the big picture, identify gaps and opportunities, and help you develop a strategic plan coupled with a pragmatic and prioritized execution plan.  Kathryn brings a broad range of experience as context, from senior leadership roles in large and growing organizations across a range of functions to extensive work over the last decade with early and growth stage startups.

Starting with a customer-centric approach and applying her extensive experience to help you get to the essence of the “whole offer” that makes your unique value proposition shine and deliver value is key to the comprehensive approach she applies.

Kathryn resides outside of Chapel Hill, NC.  She is the proud mother of two wonderful young women and a wife to her soul mate. She enjoys photography, hiking, gardening, reading, and seeks inspiration from a diverse range of music and art.  As a passionate supporter of empowerment of women, she is an active and enthusiastic mentor for numerous individuals.

Let's accelerate your business success together.

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