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Career Transition Advisory & Coaching | Targeted Engagement

Whether you are making a major career change or simply assuming new responsibilities, being proactive during this time of transition can be very beneficial to your success in the next job or role and even in the longer-term trajectory of your career.

This customized mini-coaching engagement is designed to focus on the areas that are most critical for you as you navigate your new role and environment.

Included in the package are the following:

  • (3) 45-minute 1:1 coaching and advisory sessions (via Zoom Conferencing)
  • Access to an Assessment Tool, (The Tilt 365 True Tilt Profile – Value $49.95), and a debrief for applying the insights from the tool.
  • Development of a blueprint that we collaboratively establish for navigating the next 90 days of your new role.
  • Ongoing advisory support and input via email as needed for three months following the final session.

It has been my experience that this type of coaching and advising relationship requires the right chemistry.  No one has good or bad chemistry, but working together on this type of introspection and planning means that you need to feel comfortable with me.  If you would like to pursue this type of engagement, please provide your contact information using the Contact Me for Coaching button below.  You will receive an email with additional information about the program and a link to book a 30-minute mutual discovery session on my calendar to make sure we are mutually a good fit for each other.

** In addition to the basic package, which I have priced very generously, I offer a PAY-IT-FORWARD package where you pay about 25% more, but can nominate someone, possibly someone who might otherwise not be able to afford the coaching normally, to get a Career Transition Readiness Coaching (see details below) package at no charge to them.

Customized Offers for Individuals | Coaching and Advisory

Kathryn offers coaching and mentoring packages for individuals in various stages of their careers.  She often works with high potential talent in technology roles as they take on broader management and leadership responsibilities.

Kathryn’s coaching and online learning in support of navigating career transitions are grounded in her own extensive experiences navigating a career that crossed the boundaries of different functional leadership roles and took place across a range of company types.  If you are interested in discussing a customized engagement, please complete the form below.  You will receive an email to book an online discovery session with Kathryn.


About Lumen Strategies and Kathryn Robinson

Kathryn Robinson is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Lumen Strategies.  Kathryn is able to take a unique approach with each client based on the needs of the individual and their business based on her broad functional, business, and leadership experience.


Highlights …

Experienced Leader | Rapid Value Add

Broad Expertise | Diverse & Varied Career Experiences

Engagement Options | Execution, Coach, and/or Mentor

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