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Happy B-Day Sir Newton: “Unblance” & Status Quo

by | Jan 4, 2017 | innovation

There could be a stigma associated with being ‘unbalanced.’ But in honor of Sir Isaac Newton on his birthday (he’d be 371 if you were wondering), I’d like to suggest that his concept of an ‘unbalanced force’ as a required element for enabling a change in speed or direction of an object, can be very powerful element of a disciplined approach to innovation.

Innovation and reinvention have not been luxuries for anyone or any company for some time. Growth, of course, first depends on understanding your unique objectives and self awareness with respect to your current state. What you aspire to can vary widely and as such so does the metric – revenues, marketshare, profitability, meaning, contribution to society, etc. You pick the metric and the goal – the concept can apply no matter what your aspirations and metrics may be.

Sir Newton’s first law of motion was for those less engaged with the history of physics, a contrarian concept to popular belief at that time that all objects in motion would eventually slow down and stop.  On this birthday of Sir Isaac Newton, why not apply his concept metaphorically for developing your own strategies for innovation to achieve growth. His theory stated simply that objects will continue in the same course they are currently on unless impeded by an “unbalancing force.” You know, an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. In other words, as you think about your company, your objectives, your approach to growth – consider that you will continue in the same speed and direction unless you introduce something new!

Innovation can come in many forms and the urgency of instigating it can come from many sources.  Where your business model is concerned, creating “unbalance” can be a great opportunity for innovation and more often than not, it is becoming a necessity driven by these key catalyst of your market as this article  points out.  The top catalysts that are driving a need for disrupting your business model status quo are “changing customer focus and buying patterns.”

Sometimes it is not that you have to go out and reconsider the core product you provide, but maybe you should consider the business model through which you go to market.  Other times (as I’ve noted in previous article) it could be beneficial to facilitate your growth to actually  stop doing something.

You may be fine with your trajectory, and that is awesome, but if not, what will you introduce during this new calendar year to change the course? Stay tuned here, for some ideas on how you may be able to shake up the current state and create a new trajectory – either via speed or direction! Let me know what you are thinking about for your business or yourself personally to change up the new year?

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