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Observations and insights regarding recurring patterns in the leadership journeys of those building and growing their businesses and themselves.

Leadership Communications – Words and Context Matter

Words are powerful. I love words and stories. I even make it a large part of my work to continuously learn how to wield them for influence and for effectively communicating ideas and solutions. We use words to inspire and educate and inform and convince others. Words...

Resource Allocation for Business Strategy

Resources come in several categories: human capital, financial capital, time, and asset capacity/availablity.  Optimzing the mix, much like one optimizes an investment portfolio is critical for success particularly in the lean times of starting and incubating a new...

Healthy Cultures Can Be Sabotaged by Growing Pains

Building and sustaining healthy cultures matter.  Culture really matters when a company is in rapid transformation fueled by growth.  Challenges to culture can occur in good times and in bad. One of the “Growing Pain Gotchas” we've seen in our work with a variety of...

Talent Along the Road to Product Market Fit

As part of this series on what I'm calling Growing Pain Gotchas, it is worth exploring how decisions regarding acquisition of talent along the the road to product market fit can go wrong or slow the trajectory for success.  Understanding and finding product market fit...

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