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Observations and insights regarding recurring patterns in the leadership journeys of those building and growing their businesses and themselves.

Growth Spurts & Growing Pains

Growth is rarely linear and predictable in the early growth stages of a business venture and the growth itself can begin to morph or change the company in many ways.  This series addresses a range of commonly experienced business growing pains – what they are, how to...

Innovation: Core & Context

Innovation, much like ‘strategy’ requires a lot of discipline around continuously assessing and measuring resource allocation (time, money, people, energy, etc.) to assure you have it calibrated for optimal results.  I have had the opportunity to work with some very...

Innovation: Strategic Partnerships

I know this is restating the obvious in today’s world, but it is so important that it deserves restatement: “The only thing constant is change.”  This concept is attributed to the ancient Greek, Heraclitus, not some recent management guru, but it is increasingly...

Innovation: Offers & Packaging

Maybe on the surface you believe that your customers and your potential customers all have a pretty similar set of needs and wants.  You may be perplexed to find that there are unexpected gaps in your success rate with certain customer types.   No worries, knowing...

Innovation: Customer Perspective

Remember that lovable donkey in Shrek?  Even though my kids are now beyond their college years, we still play the ‘guess the movie game,’  when we are all together. Someone blurts out a movie line in response to an event or statement and waits to see who first...

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